Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blue People Dolls new and revisited...

  Some of you will remember the story of the "Blue People of Troublesome Creek" I blogged about in 2010. They were the inspiration for a few paintings and dolls. I have painted and made a few dolls along the way. But as usual inspiration took me along another path and I had put the Blue People on the back burner.  A follower asked me about them so I decided to repost some of the past picks and new ones of some I have in the works, I keep meaning to get back to them with gusto but inevitably something else pulls at me.

Pentecostal Preacher, The chicken raiser and Ruby....

 I will at sometime make more because they are such a part of me. But for now they just sit and watch me do other things. Maybe they will start to speak louder and get my undivided attention soon.
He or she? only time will tell.


  1. Thanks for posting them!! I think they are so original and just great!!

  2. What an enchanting blog to visit - your art is beautiful in many forms! Look forward to visiting gain!


    Foxglove Hollow

  3. Joji they have so much personality! You are multi talented!

    1. Thank you carol..I do love to stick my hands in everything.


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