Saturday, August 17, 2013

Still at it....buying and painting.

I'm still at it. I am so slow I know. I have ordered the knobs and I finished the painting. Now I need to sand off some of the edges and wax it. It is turning out so beautiful. My mom is going to be happy.

                           I'm not even sure you can tell from this pic that it is a soft pink color
     Bought a wonderful old buffet today. The best one I have seen in awhile. I'll post soon.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No more stripping.....

  In my last post I told you I had picked up my vintage buffet. A redo for myself. But I had a piece I had to finish first. Well here she is ready to paint. Ready as she'll ever be. Thank goodness for chalk paint. I don't think I could want to get anymore paint off this beauty. There are so many coats of paint. There was white , orange and a lime green. This thing must of been a hot mess in the 70s....kinda like me..

  I have not used chalk paint before (I'm a late bloomer) so I'm hoping all I hear is true and it will adhere to this piece. I'm going to give it an aged look so it need not be perfect. I love things when they are a little again. lol  OK you got me... maybe a lot imperfect.

 This is for my mom and it is going to be a very soft pink color. It is so her. She is such a girly girl...♥ Southern Belle...♥


Before the stripping.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vintage Buffet.....

I finally picked her up. My new buffet. I've been looking for awhile to find a piece that was just the right size and look. So here she is. I've got a little work to do on it. The bottom of the drawer needs replacing and there is some veneer on the top missing too. Since I am going to paint it I think I will just fill in the missing veneer with some wood putty and sand it down.
 Now for the paint. I've been pondering that for some time and still not sure. I still need to paint my dining room too. I'm thinking maybe of going more coastal with blues and yellows. Oh if I only could decide.....It will come to me I'm sure but first I have to finish an antique dresser for my Mom. I'll post some photos of that when I get it off the work table to wipe it down.
 Until then happy painting..........