Saturday, June 8, 2013

Painting Redo....or just a WIP


 When I first did this piece I was happy and deemed it finished but after staring at it for a few weeks something kept nagging me. So I picked up some glaze and paint and went to reworking it. I really do like the way the glazes and new colors softened it. Evoking more of the feeling I was after. Colorful but with a softness and depth to it. You can really see the colors in the close up pic.
How many of you redo your work? Maybe its not redo just a work in progress. They just sit in the corner patiently waiting to be finished.

 Went to Michaels yesterday and SCORE... 8 cradle boards on the clearance table. Sizes range from 8" by 8" to 16" by 20" as deep as
                                           3" and all for $38.00.


 So ready to get started on the small ones. I think it will be a challenge for me as I usually only work larger canvas. I need to make some more painted papers as the patterns I already have painted are to large for these small cradle boards.
 Its a gloomy rainy day here so a good day to paint.

close up


 Everyone have a colorful weekend.


  1. this is so pretty! and I love your new header. I have read on more blogs about the cradle boards on clearance at Michaels-i need to check out the one here.

  2. Thanks Janet. Hope you luck up on some they really were a good deal.


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