Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blue People Dolls new and revisited...

  Some of you will remember the story of the "Blue People of Troublesome Creek" I blogged about in 2010. They were the inspiration for a few paintings and dolls. I have painted and made a few dolls along the way. But as usual inspiration took me along another path and I had put the Blue People on the back burner.  A follower asked me about them so I decided to repost some of the past picks and new ones of some I have in the works, I keep meaning to get back to them with gusto but inevitably something else pulls at me.

Pentecostal Preacher, The chicken raiser and Ruby....

 I will at sometime make more because they are such a part of me. But for now they just sit and watch me do other things. Maybe they will start to speak louder and get my undivided attention soon.
He or she? only time will tell.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camera another set of eyes for my work,,,...

I'm still working on some pieces that I thought were completed. Subsequently after snapping some pics and looking at them on the computer it shows something different. I realize now my camera is one of my best tools in judging my work, at least for myself. For some reason I see things I somehow did not when looking at it on my easel. Almost like another set of eyes.
Do you find you have another set of eyes that help you see and if so, in what way.
 Here is the latest one and I am finally happy with it, and can see that through my lens.
I can see through my lens that I need to repaint my walls too. Maybe a buttermilk color. I've always had colorful walls but now I think its time to lighten the walls and let the art do the talking.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Love these cradle boards. Why did I wait so long?

Hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day yesterday. We did. It's always nice to get all our family together. We are a motley crew for sure.
This is my first time using cradle board and I'm hooked already. Love them. Especially with collage work. The sturdiness of them is conducive to the way I paint..  I use rough brushes and scrub the surface hard sometimes. It just feels right for the way I paint. 
I seem to always be last in line to try new things . You can teach and old dog new tricks but how long does it take? ( don't ask my friends that question) I'm known as the "your on the list" kinda girl.
Gives me a million ideas about making my own. That way I can get the sizes I want.
How do you feel about them. Pros-cons.
 Here is my first work on my new cradle board.
Painted and mono printed papers with acrylic paints on cradle board.

"Birds of a Feather"


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ever Sorry you painted over your work?

  They just keep staring at me and screaming to be massaged with more paint. OK I'm a putzer so I oblige......Someone told me once they are not finished until the feeling is complete. That makes sense to me I get that. But it is still hard because as an artist we thrive on feelings...
  Am I the only one who does this. Let me know how often you rework your paintings or change them all together.
  Have you ever been sorry you redid one of your works?

            Here is another I reworked.....I'm not sorry
I feel like I always learn something from my redos. Good or Bad.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Painting Redo....or just a WIP


 When I first did this piece I was happy and deemed it finished but after staring at it for a few weeks something kept nagging me. So I picked up some glaze and paint and went to reworking it. I really do like the way the glazes and new colors softened it. Evoking more of the feeling I was after. Colorful but with a softness and depth to it. You can really see the colors in the close up pic.
How many of you redo your work? Maybe its not redo just a work in progress. They just sit in the corner patiently waiting to be finished.

 Went to Michaels yesterday and SCORE... 8 cradle boards on the clearance table. Sizes range from 8" by 8" to 16" by 20" as deep as
                                           3" and all for $38.00.


 So ready to get started on the small ones. I think it will be a challenge for me as I usually only work larger canvas. I need to make some more painted papers as the patterns I already have painted are to large for these small cradle boards.
 Its a gloomy rainy day here so a good day to paint.

close up


 Everyone have a colorful weekend.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Learning to promote your Art...

  I claim here and now I know nothing about promoting art and I would much rather be in my studio immersed in art ... ButAfter 45 years of dabbling in art I'm more willing than ever to give it a good try. I have many times gotten excited about a piece of work I was doing but this time I am excited about the prospect of pursuing the not so pleasant part of promoting your art...This has come from reading the advice of  Alyson Stanfield the Art Biz Coach . I'v been encouraged just by reading her tips and what she has learned over the years she has been doing this.  Her facebook page is chocked full of info and an easy way to keep up with her blog too. So nice when others share thier knowledge.
  I have lots to learn but a place to start and wanted to share this place with those of you like me that just did not know what to do or where to start. Please feel free to leave a comment about what you have learned  to help myself and others in the art of promotion.

 I finished my mixed media piece. I had to paint in the budgie and I added more glazing and color to the top. I think it gives it more depth. I'm so happy with my finished product.