Monday, June 17, 2013

Love these cradle boards. Why did I wait so long?

Hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day yesterday. We did. It's always nice to get all our family together. We are a motley crew for sure.
This is my first time using cradle board and I'm hooked already. Love them. Especially with collage work. The sturdiness of them is conducive to the way I paint..  I use rough brushes and scrub the surface hard sometimes. It just feels right for the way I paint. 
I seem to always be last in line to try new things . You can teach and old dog new tricks but how long does it take? ( don't ask my friends that question) I'm known as the "your on the list" kinda girl.
Gives me a million ideas about making my own. That way I can get the sizes I want.
How do you feel about them. Pros-cons.
 Here is my first work on my new cradle board.
Painted and mono printed papers with acrylic paints on cradle board.

"Birds of a Feather"


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  1. That is WOW Joji! Beautiful birds. You can see the joy you had in making this piece.


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