Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Furniture Redo....Milk Paint

          Have any of you used Milk Paint before?
 I purchased some Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint to redo some furniture for my niece. Well after recieving the paint and not ever using it before I decided to go ahead and do the kind of redo I'm comfortable with and can get to her quickly. I think I should practice with the Milk Paint first and I just don't have time to experiment right now. I feel sure I can get a similar look.
                        So here is one of the pieces I recieved.
Here is another with the first layer of paint. The second layer will be a lighter blue.

 I'm looking forward to using the Milk Paint. I have wanted to for so long. I will practice with it and do another piece with it soon.
            I love every piece Miss Mustard Seed does.

                          This is the look I'm after....Wish me luck

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