Monday, October 1, 2012

Not what I intended. Do other artist have this issue?

Say hello to "Ruby" I thought I would never finish her. I could not get a handle on where she was going. Funny thing is she did not go in the direction I had intended. Funny how dolls evolve on thier own. At least they do for me. No matter what my best laid plans for them are they come up with thier own itentity. I see one thing in my mind they show up as someone else. Sometimes that drives me crazy and sometimes Im pleasanly surprised.
 Do any other of you artist have this issue. Do you see it as a hinderance or more of a natural evolution in your work.
  I have wanted to recreate some of my work, especially doll faces I thought came out well. Not in a million years can I do it. I feel like a snowflake. I can never make 2 things look the same.
  Oh Well let me know how you feel and have a great day with art.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting back to my art.

Its been 7 months since I posted here...WOW...Hard to believe.
 I started working last October and have just kind of been lax at my art and blogging.
I have been working with autistic children and I love that they have inspired me to be even freer in my art. 
 The school year is almost over and summer here and I plan on getting back to the art projects I left unfinished last year. Lets hope I  don't let school interfere with my real life again...LOL.

 This is what I hope to work on first and try and finish soon.