Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where did this come from? WIP

The last few months I've been in the trenches with my Mountain Folk.The last two days I just let myself take this canvas in any direction it wanted to go. I'm still working on it and have much more to go.
I know I told you before I was a schizophrinic artist. This must prove it. The real problem is I love everything and anything artistic. I want to try everything. I love every color, style and concept.

My heart is in the mountains and I will be back to the Mountain folk but today just today I needed to paint this.


  1. What ever it is that you paint, it's good! I like it. Mermaid Lady looks at peace. Have a great day.

  2. She's wonderful--maybe she's the mermaid of the mountain stream??? The background is yummy!

  3. Love these colors...I think she's the mountain people's muse.........
    She just wanted to get in on the action......


  4. I'm with you, one day it's one thing and the next it's something else..............I love it!! This is so happy and pretty!

  5. hi joji,
    you were just 'creatively redirected' is all! ha-ha.

    love your little mermaid. have fun creating! great music btw.

  6. BEAUTIFUL...The Mountain People like to swim too!

  7. Very fun mermaid. Love all the papers peaking through. Very fun.


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