Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mermaid progresses.

I just love adding detail. Especially here where the paper peeking through the paint gives me a hint of where it wants to go. Feel like I've been doodling all day. I've been in a trance. I can't quite decide if I am finished or not cuz when you doodle its hard to stop.

I did an interview this morning with one of the moderators of a Facebook page called "Art Love and healing"It has not been posted yet but when it is I will let you know. There is a little quiz on there about me if you care to join in....


  1. Go to town my friend, this is spectacular! Doodle away until your heart is content(O: The colors are so happy and full of life!

  2. Gorgeous..magical..exqusite beauty! Love this!

  3. She is wonderful......colors are her hair......

    You are one talented lady....

  4. I know this was fun for you--I can just tell--I love all the color and doodling!!

  5. okay...this is a really fun place...and these MERMAIDS...they are just so pretty and lovely and happy!!!!


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