Thursday, February 24, 2011

A true psycho day.

feet for the new doll
folk art hog painting

Hillbilly Henretta and her hog

Worked on 3 projects at once today. Somehow I got more done that way. I'm begining to think this is the way for me to work. When I get stymied at one project, I now just go to another . No wasting my time and creative energy. I like this mode.


  1. That new doll is gonna have to be a boy with those feet! I love the hog painting it's right up my ally. I think multi-tasking seems to work well for you Joji.

  2. Multi~Tasking! WoW..I Love Them All! Especially Henrietta And Her Hog! How Cute Is That? LOVE IT! I Get The Biggest Kick Of Happiness When Visiting Your Place! :)) Have A Beautiful Weekend Sweet Joji. Hugs Of Georgia Sunshine, Terri


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