Friday, February 18, 2011

How do you know when to stop?

You just might be tired of seeing her but I just could not stop doodling, it kept calling for more. But I think now she is done. I think!...

How do you other artist come to the point of "finished" ? Do you ever really know when that is. I usually know when I do a simple folk art portrait but when I do something like the mermaid with all this detail I get lost...I can go on and on and on. Them I'm afraid it will get muddy.

So other artist let me know if you have a secret you can share or do you feel the same as I.....


  1. Oh Joji..I Love Your Mermaid! Only Another Artist Could Recognize What I Was Referring To In My Post From Today. The Fact That Our Work Talks To Us! Yes Folks..We're Totally Sain But We Do Hear When Our Subjects Speak! Big Southern Grin!

    Okay..So Now For Your Question Of When To Stop On A Particular Composition. I Have The Most Difficult Time With That One Myself. I Really Think A Painting Is Never Done..And My Husband Who Peeks Into My Studio Often..Has Become The One Who Oftentime Has To Tell Me When To Stop Piddling. A Word He Uses When I Go Into Over~Time On A Certain Piece.

    So With That Said..I'll Be Checking Back To Hear What Others Suggest. Have A Wonderful Weekend! Hugs From The Peach State, Terri

  2. I just love her--all those tiny white dots-like pearls-she's wonderful!

  3. She's beautiful Joji, really gorgeous! I personally don't know when to stop, usually I over do it but I just can't help myself.

  4. Joji I've been looking at your blog and I'm totally blown away with your beautiful art. I found you over on Tipper's blog, Blind Pig. I love everything about Appalachia. Love your blue people and the story about them. The blue preacher is an awesome doll. I'm also following your blog now. Be back soon!

  5. one of the loveliest mermaids I have seen! wonderful job and not a bit overdone!

  6. Just love her... I have no idea when to stop a piece - sometimes it tells me and sometimes I go too far I think and then feel miserable. Wish each piece came with an instruction manual, don't you?


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