Friday, July 8, 2011

Still here God....

God is good....I praise him in all my trials and tribulations for what he has shown me.

My thoughts and paintings are more vibrant and alive, amazing how dispair can be turned into glory.

I'm still working on this painting but I shall call her "Grace" for it is what God has given me. One of my favorite lines in the song "You Said" by Sherri Bryant is " Everybody had a word to say when all I needed was a little grace. Came in like fresh water, gave me the strength to carry on" AMEN....


  1. Joji your new painting is wonderful! Grace is so different from the others. You can see peace and serenity in her eyes; it's like she's saying "I'm here Lord, I want to hear what you want to tell me". You couldn't have given this painting a better name; Grace it is!
    Sending a bunch of hugs your way!!!!

  2. Sweet Joji..When At First Seeing The "Title" To Your Post..I Felt As If Somehow You Were Saying The Words I've Been Searching For. "Still Here God" Spoke Volumes! I Sincerely Received A Slice Of The Grace You Spoke Of While Reading Your Post. Thank You For Sharing From The Heart..From The Soul! And Your "Grace" Portrait Is Lovely..Just Like Every Single Piece You Do. Sending You Hugs Of Love & Friendship, Terri

  3. Grace...yes we all need grace for the journey.......I love this gal...her eyes are full of compassion......You have a beautiful heart; it shows in all your work....

  4. You certainly have a brilliant and beautiful gift. Love this colourful art so much. I'm a total admirer of your art!
    Thank you for your visit and leaving me a lovely message!


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