Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man in the Moon clock Table.....

I've been slow in producing my art as of late. So I thought I would show you something I did years ago. My sister in law has graciously allowed me to own it again as she is redoing a new home.

If you remember I started out painting furniture which is my first love. Actually I am working on some little girl things for a customer now. I will post some picks when i get farther along. Right now I am just priming...Boring....


  1. wow
    I love it .... just great !
    I used to paint lots of furniture too !
    I miss doing that [ not the priming though, it is boring to do ,,,, ha ha ]

  2. That is such a lovely and unique table Joji!

  3. Love that cute........

  4. Joji everything you touch--no matter what it is--magic!

  5. Love this! What a wonderful piece of whimsy to share!

  6. This clock table is amazing! You are so multi talented!
    Thank you for watching my new blog, it really means a lot to me!
    Huge smile :)

  7. Your clock table is superb. I imagine it creates lots of discussion about art and time -- Thanks barbara


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