Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ott lite....like natural light....

I was at Jo-Anne Fabrics today and they had Ott lites 50% off. reg. $14.99. I had been wanting to try one, so for half off how could I go wrong. I bought the 25w Ott which is equivelant to 100 w regular bulb so it says on the box. Thats all they had. They are suppose to give off light that is like day light.

Well I'm very impressed. A true white light. I paint in a room that has little day light that comes in and what a big difference. It really lets you see the true colors with NO GLARE easy on the eyes...I love that. I even went to touch the bulb after it had been on for 30 min and it was touchable. Saves on energy too. I'm sold.


  1. Hi Joji, I am a huge fan of the Ott Lites also. I have a tall one and a desk top lamp. I use them to paint by and do my dolls and crafting. One of them even has a magnifying glass which really helps. Glad you discovered it and got it on sale; that's when I buy mine too, at Michael's Arts & Crafts. Love your art and the current paintings!! LoRi ~

  2. Thanks for the info on the light..I am needing more light my self..Also you left a comment on my page about my Mom..I would not mind at all.
    Would be honored if you ever painted her..


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