Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No more stripping.....

  In my last post I told you I had picked up my vintage buffet. A redo for myself. But I had a piece I had to finish first. Well here she is ready to paint. Ready as she'll ever be. Thank goodness for chalk paint. I don't think I could want to get anymore paint off this beauty. There are so many coats of paint. There was white , orange and a lime green. This thing must of been a hot mess in the 70s....kinda like me..

  I have not used chalk paint before (I'm a late bloomer) so I'm hoping all I hear is true and it will adhere to this piece. I'm going to give it an aged look so it need not be perfect. I love things when they are a little again. lol  OK you got me... maybe a lot imperfect.

 This is for my mom and it is going to be a very soft pink color. It is so her. She is such a girly girl...♥ Southern Belle...♥


Before the stripping.


  1. Cant wait to see this piece when its completed
    Never heard of chalk paint either!:)

  2. I'm Luvin' What You're doin' With This Chest! All Those Layers Of Paint..Whew! But Look how Gorgeous the underwood is! Thank you Joji For Your Kind Thoughts Earlier. They truly meant so much! I've been prepping some canvases and while I was layin' gesso I couldn't help but think it's kind of scary heading back to the easel. After so long, I hope I can still paint. And Hey..can't wait to see how this chest turns out. I'll be checkin' on your updates with it. xoTerri


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