Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evolving Gypsy


I keep changing this more than a new borns diaper. I didn't think the earrings were right. I think it was the shape that bothered me. What ever it was, their gone. I like the way it made me change the hair....But dosent a Gypsy need earrings?... Gotta come up with the right answer. Stay tuned.


  1. She has to have some earings. Can't wait to see what you are coming up with!! I love her blue hair. I am keeping posted.

  2. I love what you did.

    In her current state she looks more "timeless" to me.

    I'm not sure if it's a lighting variation or your tweaking, but the colors also look richer now.

    Terri : )

  3. I love this! I agree that the earrings looked out of place somehow. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you do to her next!

  4. joji, i love her hair! yes, she needs earrings, but i'm not sure what kind either! i can't wait to see how she evolves:-)
    i'm so close to putting oil paint to canvas..wish me luck!

  5. Joji--it doesn't matter what you do--I ALWAYS love it--how do you manage to do this?!?!

  6. Joji,
    The artwork here is so darn beautiful!
    So nice visiting you again.
    hugs, Darlene xo


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