Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to my painting roots....

I have painted all my life but never had a style until 30 yrs ago I painted in the primitive style. I started with rustic furniture and handmade game boards. I would paint them and sand them to make them look aged and worn. I'll never forget one of my first shows you had to check in your merchandise to one central check in and they displayed your work in their setting. When I put my game boards up to be checked in the lady said to me " do you know these are scratched and have missing paint.." I had to chuckle inside. Primitive and worn was just coming into its popularity. I told her I spent lots of time getting them to look that way. She gave me that look..you know "are you crazy". Well fast forward 25 yrs and it's sill popular and sought after and I still love it too. So I think I will work in that style again for awhile as I have missed it.

Here is a rustic piece I just finished...Hope you like it....


  1. Great piece joji! Love it! The colors are great! :)

  2. You were ahead of your time!

    I love this. Of course, I love anything with birds or bird related.


  3. It's a great piece joji. I love the old rustic look. I wonder what that lady would think now. I remember a very long time ago when the kitchens were being done in that look, the white paint that was sanded etc, I walked into this house and thought they were in the process of painting and like a dummy said, "oh, are you getting ready to paint?" Oh man I never felt so much like crawling under a chair when she looked at me and said, "no, that is the style now." She picked up a magazine and showed it to me and I must have turned beet red because she smiled. Wow! Oh well I better go, I talk to much. Take care and very nice work.

  4. Love the rustic look:O) Love this piece:O)

  5. Oh my goodness--well I most certainly do like it---you silly!!!


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