Monday, September 6, 2010

How lucky can I be.....

I am the winner of another great giveaway. I think it might be time to buy a lotto ticket.
Lindy over at Cottage Hill was giving away a choice of 3 of her original paintings, how could I resist entering. I picked the painting of a glass of iced tea since I make about a gallon every other day here.
Thanks Lindy for such a great giveaway.


  1. Exciting! Congratulations!
    Keep entering, you're on a roll!

  2. Congratulations! You have a lovely blog!
    Boho Market Blog

  3. Oh how exciting Joji.Congratulations! I love your paintings on your sidebar. So colorful. Have a great Tuesday.

  4. yay, lucky you! i won 5 of them this past couple of months but have been too busy to blog them. soon! slippers, prints, a necklace, and a fifty dollar gift card. oh, that's four...hum, now my mind is slipping!

    i just did a cool background, a new technique for me, it won't dry though so i can finish it! so now i'm blog hopping.
    have a wonderful week!


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