Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Canvases kept staring at me.....

I had these two deep canvases that kept staring at me and wanting to be painted, but what? Finally they said a pair of Saints. So I said OK.

I wanted to paint them similar so they could be used together if you wanted to. They both use the same color palette and I could not resist the polka dots. I love polka dots......
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  1. i love polka dots....and i love red and turquoise together. they look like lovely saints!

  2. Hi Joji,

    I have two canvases starting at me too! Only mine are still blank!

    I love what you did with these. Gorgeous!


  3. Hi Joji,
    These paintings are beautiful, love the color conbination.

  4. Beautiful Joji!! I really love the way you did the color opposites!!

  5. love them joji! especially the one on the left...she speaks to me!

  6. Your art always makes me smile--I love your special touches that you add like the polka dots for instance.
    P.S. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway too!

  7. I have just come across your blog and think I have to become a follower. I love your paintings and the colours you use.

  8. hello, i have enjoyed my visit! your paintings are beautiful!

  9. Jo
    the colors u used here are great.. nice faces.. love the art..
    hugs, Darlene xo

  10. Joji, thank you for your comment on my blog and fb! I love your work and now am following!


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