Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New angel and a look at my messy studio....

I decided to take out a canvas and just see where it took me. Well it took me back to angels. I guess that is not surprising they are always in my heart along with my mountain folk.....You also get a peek at the mess I work around. For some reason its comforting to me. I organize it every blue moon. But I work better in the chaos....How about you?


  1. She's a wonderful angel Joji! I like to work on things amid my clutter I can find all the things I think I might need!

  2. Love the new Angel!!:O) And i work in too clean of an area:O) Im the type I put my paints back in its place before I open another:O)

  3. Oh...I LOVE.....your talent!!
    I get too frustrated in a messy studio--and it's usually a mess :)

  4. Oh she's beautiful, the stripes and dots are delicious!!


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