Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inspired by LuLu to color outside the lines....

How many of you would like to be freer in your art. You know just throw caution to the wind and let the paintbrush fly. I have felt like that alot . Sometimes I feel like I'm expecting some alien force to start slinging my brush...LOL...
I was inspired today to color outside the lines by LuLu MyPinkTurtle. She has been resting by doctors orders and said she was tired of doing nothing but playing with her markers in her coloring book and playing Barbie.LOL. . It reminded me of how much I loved to color in a coloring book, even today at my age. During that facebook post someone asked me If I colored inside or outside the lines....HUM....Well as a child I always colored inside the lines and again that had me thinking I needed to color outside the lines and to be freer with my art. I've been trying to do that but always feel like I fall short and get to controled in my work. I am not as free with my art as I would lke to be so here is a stab at trying to be freer and color outside the lines.


  1. Wonderful post...and such beautiful work!! Gorgeous..shine on!

    I have always been an "outside the lines' kind of soul...but i think it is a good balance to have both..like breathing.. in and out..in and outside the lines....both are valuable..exciting and needed for art to be creative and balancing too! Lovely inspihtful post...thanks for sharing your magic!

    Enchanting the Invisible

  2. Hi Joji. I love it. I hope Lulu is okay. I didn't know she was sick? Hope she is well soon. Yes, it is a good idea this "outside the lines." Nice job. Take care.

  3. i so understand joji. i want to be free to paint loosely, but for some reason can never let loose.
    this painting is really great, i do like the loose look of your brush strokes. now are you going to paint the dark side? lol xoxo

  4. Lovely work.....that's my moto when painting...just go with the flow and throw caution to the wind...so to speak...best work comes out that way.... :)

  5. She is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing where this path takes you.

    I love the question that got you thinking. In fact, one of my pieces is titled "She Colors Outside the Lines."

    Happy Friday!

  6. Really love this piece too Joji! Wonderful!


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