Friday, August 6, 2010

TA DA!!!!! I'm Done.......

Finally finished the last piece of the commission to Razzberies in Hickory N.C. I am so happy with all the work. It should make an awesome wall display. I wanted to hang them all up on my wall and photograph them, but I don't think my husband would like all those nail holes. I still may do it. It ended up being 12 pieces and all have been titled. Here is the last piece. I call it Bless this Nest.
Now what is next? I really want to do some mixed media and something Frida . I watched the movie twice this week and i'm obssessed to paint her. She was so beautiful.


  1. It is just so beautiful!! By the way my walls are like Swiss cheese, I have way too many holes!!

  2. Ooooo - she's beautiful! Wonderful work!

  3. Joji, there's a product by 3M, command, you can "glue" it to the painting and it is velcro strips, so you don't have to make tons of holes in the wall! I bought mine in Homedepot, but I guess you can find them in other places too.
    Lovely painting!


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