Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mexican folk art flowers

I've ressurected a style I did last year of Mexican Folk Art. I was inspired to do more after finishing some for a commission I have been working on. It lends itself so well to the vivd colors I love so much. It also works well with the Mckenzie childs style. I sold many a piece to those who also collected Mckenzie Childs. You can find it on Ebay tonight.


  1. I am so drawn in by the palette you choose! Just gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks Rebecca, Color moves me. Every room in my house is a different color. I even paint my furniture. I guess I'm possessed...But I don't care...I bet Heaven is as colorful....

  3. I am so happy to have found your blog. I absolutely love your work. It inspires me! I too have a passion for color, texture and mexican inspired art. If I were to group a genre of inspirational artists it would include Mckenzie Childs, Linda Carter Holman, and Tracy Porter. May I ask, who inspires you?

  4. Thanks Terri for the kind words. Its so hard to say what inspires me. I find insipation in so many things and at different times. I know it is just God showing me how beautiful all things are. I really do just let what comes out of the end of my paint brush just come on its own. Bless you and I Love your blog...

  5. Thanks for visiting me today! Thant's so funny you have a Beagle too. Stella is my second so now I have two "Stella: & "Paisley"! They are sweet and YES a handful! Have a great Sunday!


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